Aesthetic inspirations
I am fascinated by the historical aspect of jewelry design and the significance of different beads and gems in different cultures. Like words in a language, each bead has its own history, taking its inspiration from mythology, astrology, folk stories, flora, fauna, cultural diversity, and in the familiar things of everyday living. They have their association with human characteristics and natural elements. Beads have their origins in the spiritual realm, as "tools" for devotion, but their destiny has often been more practical. The word bead comes from the Anglo-Saxon bidden (to pray) and bede (prayer).

While most of us have always understood jewelry to be a unique form of adornment, symbolizing status and power, jewelry has historically held a special importance for women beyond the goal of aesthetics. In the past, in many cultures, jewelry made from precious metals and beads was a woman’s only portable wealth, and was therefore vital in dowries, celebrating births and inheritance. My objective is to create beautiful pieces that befit the modern woman while reflecting the history and symbolism of the materials used.