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Clover Lariat
US $ 143 (54 BHD)
Materials: shell donut, Swarovski crystals, pearls, gold-plated spacers, gold-fill chain, beads, wire & headpins. The shell is available in other shades. May also be combined with sterling silver. Price varies
Dimensions: L 25; donut dia. 35mm
This piece is a modification of one that was designed for the Asalah Fashion Competition held in Oman in May 2008. The competition sought designs that merged elements from Omani, Yemeni and Chinese cultures. The form of this lariat is inspired by a classical Yemeni multi-strand necklace. The delicate carved focal serves to secure the chains in place while the lariat is being worn. A delicate constellation of pearls and crystals threads through the chains to add a modern touch.
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