Garnet Triumvirate
US $ 70 (26 BHD)
Materials: Mozambique garnet, Swarovski crystals, gold-fill rings, wire, chain & clasp. Design also available in peridot, champagne citrine, lemon quartz and moss aquamarine.
Dimensions: L 17
The most well-known form of garnet comes in fiery red. Garnet was often said to emit a red light and some stories say that it was impossible to hide it - the red light would always shine through. For this reason, it was said that Noah used the glow of a red garnet to illuminate the ark. Garnet has also been associated with eternity. As such it is sometimes used as a symbol of trust, devotion and loyalty. In Greek mythology Hades gave pomegranate seeds to Persephone to force her to return; a tale that developed into gifts of garnet jewelry as a token to ensure the return of a loved one.
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